Training for quality service


All programs have been approved by the Ministry of Education and Sports
and the National Council for Higher Education
Course NameDuration Entry Requirements
Certificate in nursing
certificate in midwifery
2 ½ Years Must have completed 'O' level with 2 credits and 3 passes in any of English, math, biology,chemistry,physics or agriculture, obtained at the same sitting.
'A' level is added advantage
Diploma in nursing (direct)
diploma in midwifery (direct)
1 ½ Years Must have completed 'A' level with at least 1 principal pass in biology, and 2 subsidiaries in physics, chemistry, agriculture, math, obtained at the same sitting
Diploma in nursing (extension)
diploma in midwifery (extension)
1 ½ Years Must have 'O' level or/and 'A' level certificate, UNMC practicing licence, UNMEB certificate and must have worked for at least 2 years



A Leading Health Training Institution in Eastern Africa


To prepare competent health professionals with a heart to serve.


To set up a reputable educational institute for training quality health professionals.

core values
Core Values

Leadership, Professionalism Integrity, Sacrifice, Moral Character, Academic Excellence and Accountability


The International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) was established in 1998 by its first two founders and Directors-Professor Wilton Sebastian Kezala and his wife Ms. Margaret Taitika Kezala in their home at Plot No. 22 Radio Road in Jinja Municipality. They were later joined by Mr. Sam Muwumba (RIP), Fr. Peter Gerald Picavet, Mr. Charles Isabirye, Ms. Florence Kisubi and Dr. Wilson Kisubi to make a total of seven directors.
On 2nd September, 1999, the Registrar of companies in Kampala issued to the Directors, a Certificate of Incorporation No. 41850 under the Companies Act Cap. 85. IIHS became a limited company. The Company acquired rental premises at Plot No. 47 Wilson Avenue, Jinja Municipality which served as the Centre for its operation.
On 08/03/2001, IIHS Ltd was classified as a Medical Institute and given registration No. PMS/1/27 by the Ministry of Education and Sports
In 2004, IIHS was issued an operational license No. MoESTS/BTVET/140 by the Ministry of Education Science Technology and Sports(MoES) together with the Nurses and Midwives council, allowing it to train students under the following courses; Certificate in Nursing, Certificate in Comprehensive Nursing, Diploma Nursing (Extension) and Diploma in Midwifery.
The institute started with the training of about 15 enrolled comprehensive nurses and later, on 03/09/2015, it added training of enrolled general nurses
In October 2010, the institute transferred its operations from Plot No. 47 Wilson Avenue to Plot No. 27/29 Namasagali Drive, after completion of the 1st storeyed complex building.
Since then infrastructures has expanded to include, two storeyed buildings for female hostel, four flats for male hostels. There is ongoing construction of a three storeyed Complex resource centre.
Training programs have been expanded and streamlined with approval from MoES, the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). Degree Programs shall soon be established.
Since Inception the Institute has held two graduation ceremonies ( 2012 & 2017), in which over one thousand Students have been awarded certificates in various programs, and are now working in various public and private health institutions, both domestically and internationally

Meet Our Directors

Prof. Wilton S

Prof. Wilton S. Kezala
(Exec. Director)

FR. Gerald

FR. Gerald P. Picavet
(Chairman Board Of Directors)

Mr Mulinda

Mr Martin Mulinda
(Company Secretary)


Rev. James Kivunike
(Chairman Governing Council)


Mrs Margret Kezala

Dr Wilson Kisubi

Dr Wilson Kisubi

Mrs Florence Kisubi

Mrs Florence Kisubi


Mr. Etiang Moses

Mr Isabirye

Mr. Charles Isabirye

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  • P.O.BOX 1334 Jinja – Uganda

  • +256 392 177746|+256 787 302181



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Nurses Anthem

We have been chosen x2
Chosen by God x2
Chosen to be nurses x2
A holy people
To love and serve

Come all Nurses
To the God of true salvation
To the spirit who makes our lives new
Come all Nurses
To love and serve


Come all Midwives
To the God of true salvation
To the spirit who makes our lives new
Come all midwives
To love and serve.


Almighty God stretch your thy
right hand to guide us, in all
we do in promoting health for all,
profession and ethics and norms of our lives,
We stand up to uphold and lift higher Our profession,

International standard and walk matching
In light of progress, in all what we do
To make good professionals thy Products
Where they go to the good ambassadors.

International our mother and our future,
you stand for relevant and quality education,
may thy good work shine for the people to See,
thy products where they go to be the light of the nations.

International the nursing school of all
People, admitting thy students from all over
other nations, uniting them all and training as one,
thy offspring where they go save the lives of all Nations

Humbly begin all we do in God’s Spirit,
with hope and faith We shall not fail to succeed,
So any challenges and snare are front,
We shall ever strive so hard to get a specific goal.

(Composed by Gudoi Vincent 2006)

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