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In 1998, Professor Wilton Sebastian Kezala and his wife Ms. Margaret Taitika Kezala initiated the establishment of the International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) Company in their home at Plot No. 22 Radio Road in Jinja Municipality. They were the first founders and Directors of IIHS Company. They then invited other five members to become Directors of the Company; these include Mr. Sam Muwumba (RIP), Fr. Peter Gerald Picavet, Mr. Charles Isabirye, Ms. Florence Kisubi and Dr. Wilson Kisubi. Later on Professor Kezala and Ms. Kezala also invited other members to become shareholders of the company. All these Directors and Shareholders purchased different shares of the company which were allocated to them by Professor Kezala.

On 2nd September, 1999, the Registrar of companies in Kampala issued to the Directors The Companies Act Cap. 85 Company Limited by Shares Memorandum and Articles of Association of International Institute of Health Sciences Ltd which was signed by the Directors; and a Certificate of Incorporation No. 41850 was issues to the Company by the Registrar of Companies.

The Company acquired rental premises at Plot No. 47 Wilson Avenue, Jinja Municipality which served as the Centre for its operation. On 08/03/2001, IIHS Ltd was classified as a Medical Institute and given registration No. PMS/1/27 by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

In 2004 we started with the training of enrolled comprehensive nurses about 15 of them after getting the operational license which was issued by a team comprising of the Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Health and the Nurses and Midwives council. Later on we also started the training of enrolled general nurses.

Meanwhile, we started construction of our own centre for operation at Plot No. 27/29 Namasagali Drive which had been allocated to IIHS Ltd in 2006 by Jinja Municipal council. After construction of the 1st Storayed complex building we then transferred our operations from Plot No. 47 Wilson Avenue to Plot No. 27/29 Namasagali Drive in October 2010.

Since then we have expanded our infrastructures at Plot No. 27/29 Namasagali Drive that include the 1st Storayed complex building, two storeyed female hostel, four flat buildings for male hostels, and now we are constructing  a three storeyed Complex resource centre. Similarly, we have expanded our training programs which have been approved by Ministry of Education & Sports and the National Council for higher Education (NCHE) which include Certificate in Nursing, Certificate in Midwifery, Diploma in Nursing and Diploma in Midwifery, and quite soon we shall establish the Degree Program.

In January, 2012 we held our first graduation ceremony in which 570 enrolled comprehensive nurses and enrolled general nurses were awarded certificates and who are now working in various government and private health care institutions in Uganda and in other international countries.

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