International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS)


1. To provide a centre for training health professionals and to serve as a health information resource and research facility

2. To develop health training sites and health service settings in the community for the Institute.

3. To provide consultancy services and other related medical and professional services.

4. To undertake any other activity that can promote the Mission, Objectives and Implementation of the activities of the Institute.

5. To deal in all other goods, products and articles used in medical world and/ or field or commonly supplied in connection with medical and/ or Health services capable of being used in such business or required by the customers, patients.

6. To organize, maintain and operate for hire medical and health services within and outside Uganda.

7. To acquire for any estate or interest and to take options over, construct and develop any property, real or personal or right of any kind which may appear to be necessary or convenient for any business of the Company the objects of which include the carrying on of any business or activity within the objects of this company.

8. To establish or promote, procure or participate in establishing or promoting any company the establishment or promotion of which shall be considered desirable in the interest of the company and to subscribe for, underwrite purchase otherwise acquire the shares, stocks and securities of any such company or of a company activity within the objects of the company.

9. To enter into any arrangements with any government or authorities, municipal, local or otherwise any corporation, company or persons that may seem conducive to the Association's objects or any of them and to obtain from any government, authority, corporation, company or persons any characters, contracts, decrees, rights privileges and concessions which the company may think desirable and to carry out, exercises and comply with any such charter, contractors decrees, rights, privileges and concessions and to represent and advocate the views and policies of the company to governments and other authorities.

10. To subscribe, take, purchase or otherwise acquire and hold share or otherwise or interest in or securities of any other company having objects altogether different or similar to those of this company or carrying on any business capable of being conducted so as to directly benefit the company.

11. To act as agents or brokers and as trustees for any person, firm or company and to undertake and perform sub-contracts and also to act in any of the businesses of the company through or by means of agents, brokers, bus company or through others.

12. To amalgamate with any other company having objectives altogether or in part similar to those of the company.

13. To Purchase or otherwise acquire real and personal estates for the objects and purposes of the company and to sell, lease, exchange, mortgage or otherwise deal with all any of the real and personal property of the company.

14. To procure the company to be registered or recognized in any other territory, place and in any foreign country or places.

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